Keto Pantry Staples to simplify your Keto Meals!

Many have asked, “What do you eat?” on the keto diet.  I wondered the same thing, but over the past nine months I’ve gotten into a routine of meals and foods that we like and eat on a regular basis.  Get your printable Keto Pantry Staples List Here.

Ketogenic pantry staples include vegetables and fruits to stock

I have two teens in my family, so I try to have family friendly suppers that are also keto friendly.  This means only one meal to prepare.

Following the keto foods list; all meals consist of healthy fat, moderate protein, and vegetables.  I usually serve protein with salad and vegetables or a keto family casserole with salad or vegetables.   Using this blueprint for suppers means I may have to add a couple of servings of a starchy side dish, only for the teens.

An example of this would be Burrito Bowls, they are pretty popular at our house.  They consist of taco meat, rice or cauli-rice, salsa, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, green onions, and black olives.  I cook the meat and rice, chop the vegetable toppings and then everyone builds their own Burrito Bowl, adding the toppings that they like.

Ketogenic pantry meal for the family, Burrito Bowl

Usually every week, I hard cook one dozen eggs to have in the fridge for snacks or breakfasts when I work.  I like to cook them in the instant pot.  They come out so nice and easy to peel.

I also like to keep salad vegetables on hand and raw vegetables cut up and ready to eat.  Other items for the fridge are olives, black and green, dill pickles, cream cheese, sour cream, homemade yogurt, cheese slices and shredded, and whipping cream.

Baking supplies I keep in my cupboard include stevia sweetener, coconut flour, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts and almonds or pecans.

Healthy fats to have are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter and nut butter.

Salad dressing ingredients are also important. Avocado oil or olive oil mayonnaise, cider vinegar, red wine and balsamic vinegars are staples to have.

I also keep ground beef and chicken thighs, breast or legs frozen in my freezer.

This list is not exclusive, but is a basic starting place.  I have prepared a printable version of the Keto Pantry Staples List.

Click here to download your Keto Pantry Staples List.

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