4-patch 9-patch HST blocks along with applique make a stunning quilt!

4-Patch, 9-Patch, HST blocks and a few applique blocks make up this quilt pattern. Instructions are given for each of the block types individually using strip piecing methods for the 4 and 9 patch blocks.

Some of the simplest blocks in quilting include 4-patch 9-patch HST blocks. They seem so simple and I get asked “What can you do with these blocks?” You can use all of them in Love Chain Quilt!

A HST block tutorial is included as well giving instructions for 3 different ways to make the half square triangle blocks.

Love Chain Quilt, a Digital and printable pattern was just released! It is available at this link, Love Chain Quilt. It is a printable PDF along with HST blocks 3 simple methods.

Half Square Triangle (HST) Tutorial 2 at a Time Method

HST 2 at a time math: Add 7/8″ or .875 to the finished block size. So these blocks finish at 2.25″ I find adding 1″ assures that you always will have the HST the size you need, but you may have to trim it a bit.

For the HST blocks, cut print and background squares measuring 3.25″ square. You will need to cut 30 squares each of prints and background for this method.

HST blocks 4 at Once

**Note – the math for this method is:
unfinished block size divided by 0.64 = the cut square size

HST blocks 4 at a time, are very simple and quick! You cut your 2 fabric squares, place them right sides together and stitch a 1/4″ seam around the outside edge.

Then you cut them diagonally from corner to corner in both directions.

Open the blocks and press them open and voila! You should have 4 HST blocks!

Don’t forget you can get a printable HST blocks, 3 simple methods.

Magic 8 HST Blocks

**Note – To figure out what size squares to cut, here is the formula:
Finished HST size + 7/8″ times 2
. Decimal value for 7/8″ is 0.875.

So for example if I want my finished HST block to be 4″: I would add 7/8″ to 4 = 4 7/8″ X 2 = 9.75″. This would be the size of squares I would cut.

You would take the two squares right sides together and draw an X across the lightest one. Then stitch 1/4″ seam on both sides of the drawn lines.

Next you cut your squares vertically first in half and being careful not to move them cut in half horizontally. This should give you 4 squares.

Cut apart the squares on the diagonal lines to make 8 HST blocks! Carefully open and press them.

Now that you know how to make the HST blocks you can make Love Chain Quilt and also get HST blocks 3 simple methods.

To finish your pieced Love Chain Quilt read my tutorial on making a quilt backing, quilting and binding your quilt.

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