Is there Health Benefits of Quilting?

5 Key Health Benefits of Quilting! What are they and why would you choose to quilt? Anyway, quilters just cut fabric up in pieces and sew it back together don’t they? These questions do come up and they have awesome answers!

Quilting is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is meaningful to those who pursue it. Every quilter has reasons for why it is part of their life.

I find meaning and connection in the quilting process, because my mom and I quilted together! She was the teacher and I was the student. She learned the art from her mother!

The process of planning and piecing of a quilt is a creative and fun adventure with fabric! Actually laying out the pieced blocks to see what the finished quilt will look like is my favourite part of the process. It is always an “aha” moment when you see how amazing your creation looks together!

Health benefits of quilting. It appears as a stained glass window which you can see light through, so there is always light as the end of the tunnel and quilting will help you to see that as a positive refocusing activity.

The Amazing 5 Key Health Benefits of Quilting!

#1 Stress Reduction

This is my biggest attraction! Being creative allows you to shift your focus from tension and stress to a calm and peaceful activity. Having a creative activity takes the over thinking mind in a different direction; making it a welcome distraction.

#2 Provides Satisfaction and Contentment

Creating and crafting a quilt is an activity that provides great satisfaction and contentment. There is something very satisfying about making something with your hands! Gifting a quilt to someone special is positive reinforcement of your creation!

#3 Enhances Brain Function

Through the use of geometry, colours and shapes it enhances brain function. The whole process of creating a quilt includes colour, cutting, measuring, matching and sewing fabrics. Using the elements of colour and design allow the creative juices to flow. All these activities keep your brain active in a positive way! It is very good for the mind!

#4 Quilting Makes People Happy

Creating a quilt that is meaningful, beautiful, and tangible, as well as something to share with families and friends makes people happy! When people are happy the happy hormones are released in the brain! This is powerfully positive!

#5 A Journey to Recovery

Quilting becomes your journey to recovery after going through a life changing loss or experience! Quilting has helped many work through difficult situations.

I know after three losses, and especially after losing my mother and my daughter, quilting has been the activity that changed my mind’s focus and gave me a positive direction.

I recently started doing more English Paper Piecing. If you are not familiar with it . . . English Paper Piecing (EPP) for short is a quilting technique where you wrap the fabric around a paper shape, baste it by hand or with glue and then hand stitch the shapes together! Then you can make a quilt or other project. There are many uses for hexagons.

I love to sit down for a few minutes through out the day or in the evening after supper to slow stitch the hexagons together! It gets quite addicting after awhile! I have to tell you that;

“The slow stitching of English Paper Piecing gives a positive focus and brings calm to the mind and body.”

I would love for you to join me in my journey as we practise our English Paper Piecing! Read more here . . .

I see quilting as a journey, that I can stitch my way through, one stitch at a time, as I work through life changing experiences!

If you are asking yourself how you will remember these 5 Key Health Benefits of Quilting, get a printable PDF here.

Quilting is an activity that I schedule 30 – 60 minutes everyday! It helps me to relax, refocus and think positively as well as keeping my mind active in positive thinking!

I believe anyone can experience health benefits from quilting! I have talked about the key benefits here, but there are many more. Different people have other benefits that they enjoy!

Even if you have never quilted before! Learning new skills and techniques is an exciting part of the quilting process. EPP does not require many supplies, it is easy to learn and you can join the tutorial here.

Don’t forget to pick up your printable of the 5 Key Health Benefits to Quilting here.

And if you are wanting to start quilting, get back into it or learn more, click here to see how I choose fabric for my quilts.

If you are interested in a quilt along click here to be notified! I would love for you to join us!

3 Comments on 5 Key Health Benefits of Quilting!

  1. The word “geometry” does not bring back healthy memories as this was the one course I got an F in. However, I do appreciate quilting as healthy.

    • When I spoke of geometry, I was referring to the shapes in quilting! It is a lot different using it in a quilting application then when we went to school!

  2. I love that you said that quilting can keep your brain active and it can help you be more creative. My mother has been looking for an activity to keep her entertained because she gets bored in the afternoons. In my opinion, quilting will be great for her because she’s going to be able to create amazing designs and then gift them to friends and family. Maybe, later on, she can even look for a quilting group and make new friends.

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