Meal Planning should I use it?

Have you ever struggled with meal planning  for suppers? Have you ever wondered if you can make keto meals and stay in your grocery budget? You definitely can make keto meals and stay in your budget! You will save time and money planning your meals for 2 weeks or more at a time. Using this simple meal plan system, you will know every day what you are making and you will already have the ingredients on hand. You will not need to go to the store for anything!

In my home we follow a keto meal plan, but the tips I am going to share with you here can be used for any style of eating plan you follow. Now lets get on with the tips! You can get a FREE printable of the meal planning sheets, recipe list and tips here.

Meal Planner Sheets, tips, recipe list and recipes. All are printable!

#1 Check your Freezer

Take inventory of your freezer to see what you already have and if you have any meats or vegetables to use for meals. If you do add them to your list of meals.

#2 Favourite Meals List

Make a list of your family’s favourite meals and 1 – 2 new recipes to try. Don’t forget to include recipes to use what is in your freezer!

#3 Make Grocery List

With your recipes in hand, go through each recipe and make a list of ingredients that you need for the recipe that you do not have on hand.

#4 Shopping Day

Once you have your grocery list made, decide on your shopping day. Before shopping day, check your ads for sale items that you need.  I generally buy my meats on sale or clearance.  This is one way I save dollars on my grocery budget!

#5 Use your Calculator

I always run my calculator on the day I shop so I know how much I am spending. I usually shop for 2 weeks of meals and I save $50 for the second week to buy any perishables that we need. (milk, bread or produce).

#6 No Shopping for Groceries

Once you have done your shopping, avoid going to the store or have a No Spend Challenge until the next time you will meal plan and grocery shop again.  This is super important, because every time you go into the store you buy something you do not need! This is a big challenge and discipline to not spend money for things that are not part of your plan, but it is super important to stick to it; if you want your plan to be successful! Don’t forget to get your meal planning sheets, recipe list and tips right here. This is a printable PDF.

Printable Meal Planner, meal planning tips, recipe list and recipes.

Additional Helps

**I usually do a 2-week meal plan; and I have 2 different sets of meal  plans. I actually have 4 weeks of meals. Then I just rotate the 2-week plans.  I also plan 3-5 meals that are crockpot freezer meals. I use these on days when I am working in the evening.

**Don’t forget your freezer bags for the freezer meals. I mark the bags with meal, date and cooking instructions.

**My family likes to know what’s for supper, so I post my menu in the kitchen.

**I find that following the keto diet it is super important to meal plan to stay on track and eat the proper foods. It also saves time and money to have your meals already planned for the 2 weeks.

If you did not get your meal planning sheets, recipe list and tips, you can get them here!

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