Today I am excited to announce that my video tutorial on English Paper Piecing is available!

Beginner EPP with Hexagons, a Hexie flower appliqued to a background square
Beginner EPP with Hexagons

English Paper Piecing – often called EPP for short is the art of folding and hand stitching fabric pieces around shapes of card stock, and then stitching them together to make designs and blocks to be used in quilts or quilted projects. For example, perhaps a colourful pouch or table runner or a pillow.

These are troubling times, with COVID-19 looming around us. But I want to share with you that in these times there are activities that we can do that provide a positive focus, distraction and also serve to bring relaxation and de-stressing to our lives. EPP can be just that activity!

I have found through the years of losing my mother, daughter, and other life changing experiences that being able to sit down and enjoy some creative handwork like EPP has brought positive de-stressing and relaxation to my life in such a way that I use it as a self care activity almost every day!

I remember growing up watching my mother after the evening meal and dishes, sit down in the living room and do some kind of handiwork. Sometimes it was cross stitching, knitting or hand sewing. I always wondered why or how she could do that? And I remember thinking, “I could never do that.”

Well, now I get it! I know how that slow down of mind and body promotes relaxation! I understand it all now! Even in her last days as she was suffering with cancer it was one of the few things that didn’t completely take all of her energy. I miss my mom so much! I wish she could see and share in the creative talents she passed on to me.

I have to say that the slow down and relaxation in the evening before bedtime is a great tonic to a better sleep!

EPP With Me and See How Happy You Will Be!

I would like to invite you my fellow sewers and quilters to join me in my English Paper Piecing journey to learn and practise our EPP skills. If you want to use up your scraps it is a great way to get rid of some or if you are like me, I also want a planned scrappy look, read more here about how to curate and choose fabrics that will be coordinated.

I have a supply list here for our journey and when you get your list your name will be placed on my waiting list for my EPP tutorial that is going to be available soon! There will be limited spaces in the video course, so to ensure that you have a spot sign up for your supply list right away!

Hexagons Stitched together to make flowers on a table runner!

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  1. Looking forward to joining you on this exciting journey. Thank you for the opportunity to learn a new skill

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