Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic vegetables and fruits staples to stock

15 Pantry Staples to Keep Keto in Your Kitchen

Keto Pantry Staples to simplify your Keto Meals! Many have asked, “What do you eat?” on the keto diet.  I wondered the same thing, but over the past nine months I’ve gotten into a routine of meals and foods that we like and eat on a regular basis.  Get your printable Keto Pantry Staples List […] Read more…

Going Ketogenic: What is it? Why we chose it? How does it fit our lifestyle?

Ketogenic: What? I asked? Isn’t that kind of restrictive? “Ketogenic diet.”  he said.  Did you hear what she said, “Weight loss is a benefit of this diet and lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure” she said.  Oh, perhaps I should check it out? Harold had just seen an interview with Leanne Vogel, Nutrition Educator who […] Read more…

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