Ketogenic Diet

Going Ketogenic: What is it? Why we chose it? How does it fit our lifestyle?

Ketogenic: What? I asked? Isn’t that kind of restrictive? “Ketogenic diet.”  he said.  Did you hear what she said, “Weight loss is a benefit of this diet and lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure” she said.  Oh, perhaps I should check it out? Harold had just seen an interview with Leanne Vogel, Nutrition Educator who […] Read more…

The Keto Diet-Keto Hydration

The Keto Diet – Do you want to feel awesome and improve your life? How to begin eating the ketogenic lifestyle!

The Keto Diet arrived in my inbox.  I began reading it in every spare moment that I had.  Leanne Vogel approached the Keto lifestyle from the perspective of “growing into it” perhaps a bit at a time. In her book, the Keto Diet, she refers to it as the “fat-fueled” approach.  I like this approach […] Read more…

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