Festivities of Christmas and merriment of the holidays are all around us.  The malls and stores are filled with shoppers.  Even the grocery stores are filled with shoppers planning and purchasing the items for their holiday meals with family and friends.  Everyone is putting up Christmas trees, decorating them and doing Christmas baking. How do you celebrate with your family? Will you be following the keto diet this holiday season?

In my lifetime, food, meals, baking and snacks have always been a big part of the holiday celebrations.  I am thinking in my mind . . . we have been following the keto lifestyle for more than five months and are doing very well with it; are we willing to sacrifice our progress for the holiday festivities or can we stay on track through the holiday season?

Mind Over Matter

I truly believe that it goes back to the goal or goals you have. If you have a good plan in place and are sticking to it then you can stay the course and Keto on!  It may be easier said than done but if it comes down to how you feel and how much energy you  have then I would have to say, “I am sticking to Keto” because I will feel my best.

6 Tips to Help Keto Dieters Through the Holiday Festivities

#1  Remember the “Reason for the Season”.

We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who came into the world to save us from our sins.  It is a wonderful time to share this message and to spend time with our families.

#2  Alert your hostess

If you are hosting festivities then you can have keto-friendly dishes. And if you are going out, then let your hostess know ahead of time, especially if you have food intolerances or sensitivities.

#3  Offer to help with the food prep.  

You can contribute keto friendly dishes.

#4  Stand up for yourself.

Be prepared to stand up for yourself and explain why you are sticking with a keto friendly diet.

#5  Change your focus.

Don’t focus on what you can’t have.  Instead focus on the good times with your family and on what you can have.

#6  Know what foods you can eat.

Decide in advance what your course of action will be.  Set yourself up to successfully stay on the keto track.  We all can choose to “keto–on” if that is our goal!





“Consistent persistence will bring results.”

Also remember we have a fantastic resource, The Keto Holiday Cookbook.”  It is still available here.




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