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Ketogenic: What? I asked? Isn’t that kind of restrictive? “Ketogenic diet.”  he said.  Did you hear what she said, “Weight loss is a benefit of this diet and lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure” she said.  Oh, perhaps I should check it out?

Harold had just seen an interview with Leanne Vogel, Nutrition Educator who was speaking about the ketogenic diet on the local news. It was an impressive interview because losing weight easily was an added benefit to this lifestyle and it was definitely a necessity for us.  He implied that he wanted to try yet another weight loss approach!

I have tried many weight loss plans over my lifetime and have not been successful at sticking with them or keeping the weight off for an extended period of time.  Have you ever found yourself in this position? If you have you should try the keto diet!  Click on the orange button to jumpstart your keto journey!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

It a way of eating that puts the body into a metabolic state of nutritional ketosis so your body will burn fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates.  It involves eating a small amount of carbohydrate, a moderate amount of protein and plenty of good fats.  In a nutshell, green leafy and fibrous vegetables, meats, full fat dairy (if you are eating dairy) and healthy fats.

In the days that followed, I started researching the ketogenic lifestyle. I also researched Leanne Vogel and found that she had written “The Keto Diet” along with other books as well.  I soon came to the realization that the ketogenic lifestyle can be followed in different ways. Paleo, Primal and Whole 30 are all ketogenic in nature.  They all focus on low carb content, plenty of good fats and unprocessed whole food choices, which include moderate amounts of protein, vegetables and fruits.  Now each flavor has its own variation, but after checking on The Keto Diet; I bought the book and we decided to begin our journey on the ketogenic lifestyle.

“Here is the list of foods we can eat” I said.  It looked pretty good, no processed foods. I wonder how expensive this eating style will be? I noticed right away that the list did not include any grains or products, sugar or high carb foods.  “I would be willing to trial it for two weeks” I said.  I concluded that two weeks would be long enough to know if it was going to be an improvement, mostly in weight loss since I also needed to lose weight.

We had recently had our annual checkups only to find that we had very high triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure. And the worst thing was we were overweight and fell into the obese category!

We knew we had to take some action, as we did not want to live at risk or with the side effects of medication!

Update on our journey!

We are continuing on the keto journey, we are starting our 9th month on keto and feeling great! As with any lifestyle, we do have challenges, sometimes daily and we have to make right choices that support our goals to continue the weight loss journey.  We have about 10 pounds to reach our goal weights! This is very exciting!

At the same time, we are changing things up a bit and making sure we are staying on track to reach our goals!   Also the book, The Keto Diet has been of great help to us. Click here to get your copy!

If you are battling any of the health risks listed above, please consider giving the keto diet a try, just click on the orange button below to get your free printable guide to jumpstart your keto journey!

Also please email me with any questions or ways I can help you on your journey.  I just want to mention for encouragement and inspiration on this journey follow me on social media.

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