HST is short for half square triangle blocks. I must say that they are very versatile and there are many different methods to make them.

half square triangle (HST) blocks pieced and pressed for Focus 2020 quilt
HST Blocks Pieced and Pressed

For the Focus 2020 quilt we need only 4 HSTs per block. And I am suggesting the 2 at a time method, for the simple reason that the bias edge will be in the centre of the block and this means no stretching edges! There is nothing more frustrating than piecing blocks only to find that the edges have stretched and your block is misshapen!

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I love being efficient and streamlining my work, so I will be sharing my tips along the way! Having your blocks turn out right the first time is a must!

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Making Half Square Triangle (HST) Blocks

For this tutorial, we will use 2 squares of two different fabrics that measure 3 7/8″.

First, we will draw a diagonal line on the backs of one set of squares. I like to draw all my diagonal lines at the same time.

Second, we will pin them right sides together. I will be pinning them all.

Third, we are going to stitch a 1/4″ seam on both sides of the drawn line. I love using chain piecing for this step! If you are not familiar with it, you just feed your pieces through your machine one behind the other without cutting the thread. When you have them all done you just turn the last one around and stitch on the other side of the line for all of them. After finishing, cut the threads apart that are holding them together. It is great if you have a thread cutter on your machine!

Lastly, take all the squares with two lines stitched on the diagonal to your cutting mat and carefully cut them apart on the drawn line. Set the seam by pressing it flat first and then open the seam and gently press it open.

These HST blocks should measure 3 1/2″ square. Depending on individual accuracy, if your HST blocks measure larger than 3 1/2″ you may want to trim and square them.

We will then set them aside until time to put our blocks together.

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