The holiday season is upon us . . . Christmas is coming!  Here on the Canadian Prairies we already have snow on the ground and it looks very much like Christmas!

Here in my home I am already thinking about the holiday season.  How will we manage our keto friendly holiday meals and entertaining? As we all know Christmas is a time for lots of carbs and that brings with it a few challenges for all of us following a keto or Paleo eating style.  These thoughts are a bit overwhelming at times; but seriously if you are following the keto or Paleo lifestyle or you know someone who is . . . I have the perfect keto/Paleo resource for you  . . . The Keto Holiday Cookbook, written by Leanne Vogel.

Retailing for only $10 a copy, The Keto Holiday Cookbook is a very affordable gift for anyone you know.  You could put this on your list as a gift idea or give this wonderful cookbook as a gift to someone you know.

This cookbook is one like no other.  It is a fabulous resource for anyone who is following the keto friendly lifestyle.  It has excellent variety of keto recipes for holiday dishes and also includes several complete menus for holiday entertaining with family and friends.

Holiday Challenges!

With the holiday season upon us, I find that I have to plan the meals keto friendly and plan for success! And by that I mean make a plan and follow it, so afterwards I don’t have to backtrack or feel  unwell because I ate the wrong foods.  I feel so much better following the keto diet that I don’t want to eat the carbs, because I want to feel my best and I hope you will too!

In my  home I have cut out a lot of baking and sweets for the simple reason that we have a type 1 diabetic teen at home. It is just better all around if the wrong type of food is not available.  I have found that going grain free has had a huge impact on the amount of inflammation I have in my body.  As a result, I feel markedly better.

I am planning to have keto friendly dishes available for the holidays, and I will be using The Keto Holiday Cookbook to assist me in preparing my keto friendly meals.  I highly recommend this cookbook.  It is an excellent value and also a great gift idea!














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