Hourglass blocks are pretty simple to make. It is kind of like making a double HST (half square triangle) block.

I just finished a quilt along and made a bunch of sawtooth star blocks. I have decided to use hourglass blocks alternately with the sawtooth blocks for two simple reasons.

sawtooth blocks set alternately with hourglass blocks

First I wanted to try something different and secondly I liked how it looked. I like the sawtooth blocks framed in a light or dark fabric. It is a little different, but visually attractive. It is another option for setting your blocks.

Hourglass Blocks Tutorial

I am going to share how I made them and the math behind it.

My sawtooth blocks finished at 12 1/2″ square and my hourglass blocks need to be the same size.

Hourglass quilt block tutorial infographic

***Hourglass Block Math

*To allow for a minimal trim, add 1 1/4″ to the finished block size and cut your squares that size. So for a 12″ finished block, I cut squares 13 1/4″. I needed to cut 21 because I had 21 sawtooth star blocks.

*Then draw a diagonal line on the back of the lighter fabric, place your fabrics right sides together and stitch 1/4″ on both sides of the line.

*Cut your squares apart on the line, press them open towards the dark fabric. You should have two large HST blocks.

*Take these two HST blocks, lay them right sides together with fabrics in opposite directions, nesting your centre seams. Then draw a diagonal line and stitch them together using 1/4″ seam on both sides of the line.

*Cut them apart on the line. Press the seams toward the dark fabrics. You should have two hourglass blocks. They should measure 12 1/2″ square. If they are slightly larger, you can trim to that size.

You can find the pattern for Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt at Meander & Make designed by Southern Charm Quilts.

To complete my Little Miss Sawtooth quilt, I used hourglass blocks in place of the large 4 patch blocks. I cut 21 squares 13 1/4″ to alternate with the sawtooth blocks. I used the above tutorial.

In my quilt I had 21 each of sawtooth and hourglass blocks. This gave me a quilt 6 blocks across and 7 down for a total of 42 squares.

The pieced top finished at 72″ X 84″, a queen size. I think I will add a border to make it just a bit bigger for overhang. I will be using a pieced back and strip pieced bias binding. You can read more . . .

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