I have just completed a quilt top and I am wondering what are my next steps? How do I piece a quilt back? What type of backing should I use? These are common questions and I am going to share some of my favourite options.

For any completed quilt top you will need to make a quilt back in one way or another.

First let me say that you need to accurately measure your quilt top width and length. My Focus 2020 top measures 48″ wide and 60″ long. The backing and batting needs to be a minimum of 4″ wider and 4″ longer than the pieced top regardless of the method you choose to create the backing.

When I was first learning to make quilts I just seamed two pieces of fabric and placed the seam down the middle of the quilt back. This is one option and an easy one!

3 Ways to Piece a Quilt Back

  • Seam two lengths of fabric to fit the measurements you need – this is the easiest and fastest option!
  • Use wide back fabric the proper length – this is fabric that is wider than 40-44″ usually 90″ or 102″ sometimes. This works awesome too! The only limitation that you might have is that wide back is only available in a certain amount of colours.
  • Create some type of piecing as part of the backing. I have done this with a giant block that mirrors the blocks on the front or some other type of piecing. You are only limited by your imagination here! Creativity is the name of the game!

You can see an example of giant blocks from the front here.

For my Focus 2020 quilt back, I am creating a strip to place somewhere on the back that is going to personalize the quilt. I am including a name and a little scene that is appliqued to coordinate with the front. It will have the backing fabric above and below the strip.

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