How do you find time to build quilting skills? If you schedule a few minutes every day or every week for quilting you will be able to hone your skills and increase your confidence!

Get your 12 Months of Quilting Calendar plus Tutorials here.

I have found out from experience, that when I set aside time for quilting each day/week I experience better stress management in my daily life. I am able to have a positive focus and be creative!

There is a lot to be said about spending time quilting. Not only do you build quilting skills, but you are thinking in a positive way that keeps your brain active and produces a satisfying accomplishment when you have completed a quilt, no matter the size. Read more about the health benefits of quilting here.

Build quilting skills and confidence with 12 months of quilting, a printable calendar with quilt block tutorials.

How do you find time to quilt, when you work every day and you have a small budget? You can build your quilting skills and confidence with 12 Months of Quilting!

12 Months of Quilting is a customizable calendar with a quilt block for every month. Included are the 12 tutorials, 2 methods for making Flying Geese blocks and 2 methods for half-square triangles. So you are getting 12 + tutorials that are printable! The blocks are all different, so each month you will be learning and practising different skills and techniques.

The tutorials are suited for any skill level and also are very beginner friendly.

I wanted to just mention, that the file is a PDF and can be saved or printed. And also if you check your printer settings you should be able to print only the pages that you wish to print.

12 Months of Quilting is a good option if you have limits on your time and budget because you do not have to buy all your fabric at once. And it does not take long to piece one quilt block each month!

Get 12 Months of Quilting and start having some quilting time for yourself! You will be glad you did!

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