The Keto Diet arrived in my inbox.  I began reading it in every spare moment that I had.  Leanne Vogel approached the Keto lifestyle from the perspective of “growing into it” perhaps a bit at a time. In her book, the Keto Diet, she refers to it as the “fat-fueled” approach.  I like this approach because the keto lifestyle is very different, but it can be manipulated to fit into the ordinary person’s lifestyle.  I truly believe  “where there is a will, there is a way.”

There are just a few basics guidelines that you must adhere to. First and foremost, make the commitment to change, what is your motivation? Why do you want to do keto?  In my case I wanted to feel better and lose weight.  You must be disciplined and consistent.  You must be willing to stick with it for the long term.  It is a lifestyle change.  Very important also you must follow the foods guide.  This is necessary for your body to get in to ketosis.  This is the metabolic process where your body burns fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates. This process of change does take a few days, but can be different for each person.  Another important point,  is to drink lots of water every day.  The keto diet produces a diuretic effect on the body, so you need to replace that fluid to avoid becoming dehydrated.  Lastly, eat one to two cups of vegetables a day.  This will give you some fiber in your diet and also a few carbs but not too many.

The Keto Diet-Keto Hydration

I was intrigued because all of the information you need to find out about the Keto lifestyle is there, including meal plans and recipes.  Meal plans and recipes are fantastic because it gives you a guideline to follow.  Now to just put it into action, I thought.

June 26, 2017 –  the beginning of the Keto change!

We got up and weighed in.  Harold was carrying 235 pounds and I weighed in at 202 pounds.  We then cooked breakfast; two eggs and two slices of bacon each.  This was followed by lots of water.  The Keto diet has a diuretic effect on the body so it is important to drink lots of water through the day.

We decided to cut out dairy in the beginning even though we did not eat a lot of dairy.  Sometimes it will stall your weight loss.  This meant only black tea and coffee . . . We were used to double double coffees. Also no sugar is allowed on this diet. Yikes!

Sweetners of a natural origin are ok, but it is best to cut them out in the beginning.  You must remember sweetners tend to increase cravings for something sweet.

Lunch time came around and we had to ask ourselves if we were really hungry?  We were a little hungry, so we had a small salad with chopped hard cooked egg and ranch dressing.  We continued to drink more water.  We drank two to three litres of water through the day.

As I began to think about supper, I realized that our two teens at home probably weren’t going to want to eat the same as we were.  Yet another challenge.  We decided to have marinated chicken breasts and grilled vegetables and we cooked baked potatoes for the teens.

As evening approached we were feeling a bit hungry, but we knew we should only eat when we really felt hungry.  This has been my biggest challenge.  I  have to be very careful not to overeat.  We are so programmed to eat three meals a day and sometimes snacks whether we are hungry or not.

Snacks on the Keto diet include raw vegetables, hard cooked eggs, dill pickles, olives, bites of deli meats, cheeses (if you are doing dairy) or a small amount of nuts.   Nuts should be limited since some do have carbs.  Raw almonds seemed to be a good fit for us.

So we continued our days, eating only when we were hungry. Somewhere around day 3, we were having  headaches and some light dizziness.  These were symptoms of our bodies detoxing from all the carbs and sugar, known as the Keto flu.   Day 10 into this journey, the Keto flu symptoms disappeared and I got up one morning feeling amazing!  I felt full of energy, I wasn’t hungry and I felt as if I had been renewed.  I was more mentally alert and was able to think quite clearly.  It was incredible to feel so awesome, I thought.

How about you? Don’t you want to feel energized every day? Just click the image below to get your free Keto Guide today and begin to feel amazing!

Jumpstart Keto quoteJumpstart Keto a printable guide

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get up every day feeling invigorated and motivated?These were all reasons for me to continue the Keto lifestyle.  I had never felt better and I wanted to feel this way every day for the rest of my life!

It was very inspiring to be losing weight, not feel hungry and to feel so good.  These are only some of the benefits of eating the Keto way!  I invite you to stay tuned in to rest of the story so you can hear about all of the challenges and how we reached our goal weights.  You need to give the Keto Diet a Trial, click the orange button to get started today!

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