January has begun and is half over! As I thought of this in my mind; I was thinking of reviewing 2017 and also planning for 2018.  When I review 2017, two things stick out; first I began my keto journey at the end of June and second I began this blog in October 2017.  Two amazing events were begun!

The Keto diet has been a life-changer for me.  The blog has been exciting, overwhelming and frightening all at the same time.  Definitely out of my comfort zone! On the other hand, it has been an incredible learning experience and a very creative one too.  I am continuously learning about all the aspects of blogging.

Review of Keto Products

Books about the keto lifestyle

I wanted to review some products that have helped me a lot on my keto journey.  We all need inspiration, encouragement and tips along the way.  The Keto Diet written by Leanne Vogel, of HealthfulPursuit.com, nutrition educator, and keto enthusiast has been extremely helpful.  This book is packed with information about the keto lifestyle, including useful information, explaining the keto eating style, becoming a fat-burner rather than a carb-burner, macro profiles and tracking.  It also includes meal plans and recipes. The benefits of living the keto lifestyle are detailed in this book. It is a powerhouse of information for the keto lifestyle.  I would highly recommend this book!  It is available on her website, healthfulpursuit.com, on amazon and in other bookstores too.  You can also find it in digital format or print copy as well.

Leanne Vogel also has written several other books, The Keto Holiday Cookbook is another great resource.  It focuses on meal plans and recipes especially for the holiday season.  As we all know the holiday season can be a hard time because it seems that carbs invade our lives at that time of year. It also is a very good book, I highly recommend!

Should I Use Supplements?

Along my keto journey, sometimes I have asked or others have asked me about supplements to use.  Since the keto diet has a diuretic effect on the body it is super important to drink lots of water.  I can not stress this enough!  I normally aim for a minimum of three litres of water per day.  Also caused by the diuretic effect, is electrolyte loss. So if you are losing sodium, potassium and magnesium; these need to be replaced.

Natural Calm, Mio Sport with electrolytes

Mio Sport with electrolytes is a water enhancer that works well.  Just add a squirt to your water bottle when you fill it at least once a day. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon of salt (sea salt preferred) to a litre of water with a little lemon juice.  This is also very good.

Natural Calm is as great magnesium supplement.  It comes in different flavours and you also add it to your water.  It has a relaxing effect and for that reason I like to use it in the evening.  You can also take magnesium in pill form and that is fine too.

Do you want to try the keto diet?

The keto diet has so many amazing benefits.  Who would not want to give it a good trial? for at least two weeks? That’s what I did, but after two weeks the benefits were surprising and I decided to continue!

Jumpstart Keto quote

A freebie for you!

Jumpstart Keto is a printable guide to starting keto living and you can get your free copy by clicking here or by clicking the orange button on this page.

You need to try this eating style.  It can do amazing things for you!

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