How did you manage the thanksgiving weekend?  I am wondering if you”fell off the wagon” a bit? I sure did! Did you have a major cheat day or meal? Did you have just a small serving of foods not on the keto plan?  Please reply in the comments and let me know how you managed or any tips/tricks you might have used.

Thanksgiving at my house

At  my house, our thanksgiving menu included, turkey, grain free stuffing, potatoes, mashed cauliflower, gravy, grain free sweet potato casserole, roasted carrots, salad, apple crisp and pumpkin pie both with whipped cream.  Oh and I almost forgot the dill pickles and cranberry relish.


How did we manage?

We chose to have a cheat day, because we are consistently following the keto plan and Thanksgiving is once a year.  If you decide to have a cheat day you should also decide to get back on track the next day.  It is actually easier than you think if  you have made a commitment to follow the Keto lifestyle.  You have to keep your commitment and remember your reasons for choosing to go Keto in the first  place.  Weight loss was my biggest reason I chose Keto.  I have received a lot of other benefits as well.  I just remind myself of how amazing I feel, how energized and motivated I am, how my blood pressure is normal, my aches and pains are gone and the inflammation in my body has decreased. These are all results of following the Keto lifestyle.  It has been life-changing for me.


As we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s I am going to be refining my menu plan a little.  I will be serving Keto friendly foods.  I truly believe that if non Keto friendly foods are not available it is easier to keep on track.  The Keto Holiday Cookbook is my ultimate resource for holiday recipes that are Keto friendly.


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