I am very excited to say that I am making a Meadowland Quilt! I used a couple packs of Charm Squares and added scraps from my stash to complete the quilt. Get a FREE tips sheet on choosing fabrics for your next quilt!

Scrap Fabrics from stash to use with charm packs.

This pattern is very beginner friendly and goes together easily and quickly. It is such a beautiful pattern and it looks awesome in solids or scraps. I have never pieced a quilt using only solid fabrics. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I am so smitten with flowers and floral fabrics of all kinds.

Meadowland Quilt

Meadowland Charm Squares

What fabrics should I use for this quilt? Should I make a Meadowland quilt with charm squares and scraps? How do you think it will work? You can read more about how I choose fabric here. I went to my stash and thought that some spring fabrics would be great. I found a couple of charm packs, Sunnyside Up and Strawberry Jam, both designed by Cory Yoder of Coriander Quilts. I have loved her last few collections so much! And the cool thing is, they coordinate together really well, so it is easy to mix and match!

I decided that this would be the pattern I would use them in and make a bright sunny quilt to bring some sunshine while we wait for Spring to arrive here on the Northern Prairies!

In addition to the charm squares, I had to come up with some additional fabrics for my Flying Geese in this pattern. The picture below shows what I came up with. You can get a FREE Tips for Choosing Fabrics Cheatsheet here and how to pull from your stash to curate your fabrics. When I went through the packs of charm squares, I had to pick which ones I would use for the centre pieces in the blocks. I chose mostly lighter charms but some coloured ones too.

I will be making the large throw size. Following the pattern, I cut all the pieces and now I will mix them. This is a method I have not used before but some tips that I think are helpful is to consider the following in your fabrics:

*** the contrast between all your fabrics

*** colour values of your fabrics

*** the fabric hues

When you look at your fabrics, you want a couple of hues in the same colours, different values in your fabrics and you want some contrasting fabrics. I like to use smaller prints, a few monotones, maybe a batik or two and 1 or 2 medium prints. I like to choose a “focal” print that has most of the colours that I am working with and pick my remaining fabrics to coordinate with it. Read my article about choosing fabrics here . . .

Quilts are a very creative visual project and creating contrast within the quilt pattern is visually attractive. It is one of the most interesting parts of the quilt making process. Contrast helps the quilt design to stand out or “to pop”.

I like to see the pattern in the quilt . . . it is all about how interesting it is visually. Of course, this includes the colours and patterns on the fabrics as well as the quilt pattern itself.

We are in week 3 of this quilt along and the image below is the blocks I have pieced so far. If you want to join in you can find the info here . . .

Here is a shot of the first ten blocks for my Meadowland Quilt. We have ten more blocks to complete the top.

Meadowland Quilt blocks using charm squares and scraps. The first ten blocks.
Meadowland blocks!

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