Piecing Quilt Blocks in 2019 A Review – Flying Geese, Sawtooth Blocks with Seams Sew Easy!

Piecing basic quilt blocks like flying geese, HST and sawtooth blocks were a large part of 2019. It has been a year of tremendous growth for Lois & Clark Connection! Since it is the end of the year, I like to take a moment to reflect and realize how much has happened.

I am very grateful for the growth experienced this year. It has been a good year.

I am just going to recap a few things that have happened and also my top performing posts.

2019 Accomplishments

I opened a storefront site where I published my first mini course, Stitch a Strip Pieced Potholder . . .

On my storefront, are 2 additional e Courses, Holiday Star Potholders and the Butterfly Potholder . . .

I also have published 12 Months of Quilting, a tutorial calendar that is printable and includes a quilt block tutorial for every month plus 2 additional technique tutorials! This is more than a dozen tutorials all in one place plus a calendar for 2020 or any year! It is customizable. You can find that calendar here . . .

2019 Top Quilting Posts

No Waste Flying Geese in 5 Easy Steps! This tutorial is all about how to make Flying Geese Blocks and use them in Sawtooth Quilt Blocks. It also includes a FREE printable . . .

Seams Sew Easy to Sew 1/4″ Seams! This is a tutorial about using a flower shaped template on the bed of your machine called Seams Sew Easy to sew accurate 1/4″ seams. It is particularly useful for any quilt block piecing that includes stitching a diagonal line like half square triangle blocks, easy corners, Flying Geese blocks . . .

Quilting a Strip Pieced Potholder is now a FREE mini e Course called Stitch a Strip Pieced Potholder . . .

Sawtooth Quilt Blocks Using Fat Quarters, this is an article about my own experience with a fat quarter bundle and how I used it to make sawtooth Quilt blocks. It also is a quick tutorial on choosing fabric for a quilt . . .

Looking back over 2019, I also participated in several quilt alongs. If you don’t know what a quilt along is . . . it is an event where a group of quilters make a quilt together, post their progress on Instagram. Usually you sign up for the quilt along, some are free some are not. But it is a lot of fun, seeing others progress and chatting about quilting.

Review of Quilt Alongs

At the beginning of 2019, the I am Enough quilt along was still in progress. This quilt along was a sampler full of different blocks and techniques. I learned and practised piecing some more difficult blocks. It was an awesome learning experience!

sampler quilt, dresden, half rectangle triangles, half square triangles, new york beauties, hourglass blocks, machine and hand applique, trippy blocks
I am Enough Sampler Quilt

The Carolina Mingle was the next quilt along and it was a foundation pieced quilt with a fast finish.

In the Spring, I pieced the Bad Girl Quilt. This quilt sharpened my newly acquired skills for half rectangle triangles! I turned these blocks into a baby quilt for my newest grandson!

Little Miss Sawtooth is the most recent quilt along that I am participating in. It is hosted by Southern Charm Quilts and Havels Sewing. It has been awesome and a great learning experience!

I must say that newly acquired techniques are best if practised and used in several projects. I remember the first time I pieced a half rectangle triangle quilt block; I didn’t really know if I wanted to piece another. However, when I started putting them together in the blocks, they look stunning and they began to grow on me! So don’t be afraid to try new blocks and ask questions! Have the courage and perseverance to make them more than once because practise improves skills and confidence!

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