Quilt Piecing Tips for Focus 2020

I just wanted to touch on some quilt piecing tips to help us along with the process! If you have not yet signed up for the Quilt Along you can do it right here . . .

This is week 5 of the Focus 2020 Quilt Along and this week we start assembling our blocks! I am so excited to see all of my pieces come together in a quilt top! It always seems like an aha! moment when I can see the block together and the full quilt top pieced!

Tip #1 Streamline your quilt piecing process

By this I mean if you complete one step for all your pieces it proves to be more efficient than completing one whole block at a time.

For example, just following the weeks of this quilt along should give you a good idea and some suggestions on how to streamline your piecing. Doing all of the same technique at once is the simple version. For instance, on the No Waste Flying Geese my process looks like this:

  • Draw the diagonal lines on all of the smaller squares
  • Pin to the large squares and stack
  • Stitch on both sides of the line (chain piece)
  • Take all to the cutting mat and cut on the line
  • Press them all
  • Pin on that last square
  • Stitch them all
  • Cut them all apart
  • Press them all

Smile at your fantastic job! You get the idea. I use a few minutes through my day to do a step and soon they are done! It is really just a series of short steps. I organize my work and work on all the blocks for the quilt I am working on.

Tip #2 Chain Piece When Possible!

If you are not familiar with chain piecing. It simply means feeding all of your pieces through the machine one after the other, without stopping to cut the threads.

Chain piecing all of your HST blocks in one sitting is faster then stopping and cutting thread every time. I love using it because it saves time. And I always seem to be short on time! But I like to include some sewing/quilting time in my schedule each day, because it provides a time for me to have a positive focus, relax and create something of value for someone to love!

This week our Action Step for Week 5 will be to assemble 6 blocks. One of my favourite parts is putting the blocks together and then putting the quilt top together! You get to see what each block will look like.

Choose a set of Flying Geese and find your HST blocks with the same fabric and layout the block. Also add your snowball corners.

quilting piecing layout for focus 2020 using HST, Flying Geese and snowball blocks
Focus 2020 block Layout

Stitching It All Together

Stitch the HST blocks for the centre together first. The first two seams I press to the sides. For the middle seam, nest your seams and then they will lay nicely. The middle seam I press open.

quilt piecing tips were used to piece this Focus 2020 Block comprised of HST Flying Geese and snowball blocks,
Focus 2020 Block 1 completed

Tip #3 Pressing Your Seams

If you starched your fabrics, just water spritz the seam, press and it flattens out like you have just starched it again!

The goal is to have your seams lay flat!

Layout the rest of the block and stitch it together in three rows and then stitch the rows together.

Press your seams in opposite directions for the rows and press the middle seams open when you stitch the rows together.

If you have a favourite to press that works for you, please use it! We just want to minimize bulk and have the seams lay flat in our finished quilt top!

If you are wanting to know more about the Focus 2020 Quilt Along click the next line to read more . . . I hope you will join us! We are having a great time in our private facebook group and on Instagram sharing our photos of our progress!

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