Having the right Quilt Piecing Tools and Tips makes the job so much easier! Where have you heard this before? It applies to most tasks that we do. If you have the right tools and tips in your bag a task can be enjoyable!

quilt piecing tools and tips to use to make your quilting experience a positive one

10 Essential Quilting Tools

Today I just wanted to share my 10 Essential Quilting Tools that you will need to piece any quilt. You can read all about them here.

Accurate 1/4″ Seams

In addition, the seam allowance that we use for quilting is 1/4″. And it is important to use an accurate 1/4″ for every seam. I would even suggest at the minimum you find out on your sewing machine what position your needle has to be in to have an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. Read about it here.

Accurate Cutting

Using a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter for accurate cutting is also important. People use different things to ensure accurate cutting. One of the things that I do is when I am holding my ruler down, I have my little finger against the ruler on the opposite side that I am cutting against to make sure the ruler does not move. Mostly rotary cutting takes practise as it is with most thing. A note on rulers, I like the rulers with 1/4″ lines on them. It makes it really easy to trim leaving a 1/4″ seam.

Quilt Piecing Tools and Tips for a positive experience

Starch Your Fabrics

I recommend starching your fabrics before you ever cut them. I use a homemade starch recipe and it works great. Starching your fabrics helps to prevent stretching where you don’t want it. It also helps your seams lay down flatter. You can find a homemade starch recipe here.

Pressing your Seams

I use a wool pressing mat, but this is optional. If you have starched your fabrics, you can water spritz the seams and they press as if they were starched. It works very slick!

I like to press HST seams open. When I am sewing pieces together where I want the seams to match, I press to the side in opposite directions so that I can nest the seams. This technique works really well when you want an accurate match.

Chain Piecing HST Blocks

Streamline Your Process

By this I mean, to complete similar tasks at the same time. So for example I use chain piecing when I am piecing a bunch of the same block. As we go through this quilt along I will introduce you to the streamlining process that I use to be as efficient as possible.

Have Fun Making a Quilt!

I want to encourage you to be forgiving with yourself! There are times when I lose a point or a point does not exactly match. And I have to ask myself “Is this going to be noticed in the finished product?” Most of the time it is not going to be noticed so I let it go.

Remember the quilt will be seen as a whole, a beautiful creation handmade with love. Rarely will your seams be scrutinized.

Now, if you are entering it in a competition, it may be a different story. They look at many aspects of a quilt there. But it is my guess we are not entering a competition.

We are making a quilt together to have fun and enjoy the process, build skills and meet some new quilters that are on this same journey as we!

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