Lower Triglycerides – Great News!

Triglycerides down! Today we went for a doctor’s appointment to find out the lab results for Harold.  We have been following the ketogenic lifestyle four months and are now into the fifth.  We wanted to know if this lifestyle change had made a difference.

Our biggest reasons for following keto was very high triglycerides, high blood pressure, excess weight, low energy and feeling sluggish a lot of the time.  “The proof is in the pudding” have you ever heard that before? Of course you have!  We were pleasantly surprised to hear that ALL of Harold’s lab results were normal!  His triglycerides had previously been 3 times normal and he should have been on medication.  Triglycerides are normal, blood pressure is normal.  As for weight loss to date, Harold has lost 35 pounds.  I have lost 25 pounds.  We still have about 10 pounds more to go in this weight loss phase.  Our energy levels have improved.  We can think clearer now.  The aches and pains I have had for the past few years have disappeared.  Most importantly, we have lowered our health risks, significantly!  It has been a life-changing experience for us!

Wouldn’t you like to lose weight, lower your triglycerides, blood pressure and decrease your health risks?

We wanted to do all these things for a long time, but finally realized that it wasn’t an option anymore, it was a must-do!  The day Harold saw Leanne Vogel’s interview on the news about her book, The Keto diet, he made the decision to try the ketogenic eating style.

We did not know then that the Keto diet, if followed correctly actually works!  We had tried so many other diets before and always had gained the weight back.  We also did not know that it would really lower triglycerides, blood pressure and weight.  The biggest benefits to us are weight loss and just feeling so amazing!  I didn’t really think I would be able to go off gluten and stay off them; but i’m in my fifth month without them and I have not looked back . . . I am only looking forward to continue living the keto lifestyle.  It has been truly a life changing experience.

I encourage you to check out the Keto diet and trial it as we did and now we have made the transition into keto living.  Join our mailing list to hear how we are losing the remaining ten pounds and getting through the holidays keto friendly.


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